Established in 1995, Gesm S.p.a Fashion Factory is a modern and innovative galvanic company which operates in Italy and foreign countries. Although quite young, the company has witnessed a substantial growth.
Great attention has been paid to the enhancement of the company´s know-how, a crucial element for the survival and the growth of a company with a considerable technological content.
Considerable resources were allocated in the field of applied research - development , so to acquire further knowledge to put into practice in the production of specific projects, and to improve certain stages of the production cycle.
Traditional galvanizing techniques have no future: only through the union between experience and research it is possible to create a new environment-friendly galvanizing method, thanks to innovative processes that give the opportunity to predict fashions and trends of different technological sectors. The industrial expansion project currently taking place brought the company to externalize some sectors, and in particular that concerning standard research, while applied research is developed within the company, by the "research and development" department.

We are also able to offer a range of complementary and ancillary operations such as: Enameling, Assembling, Glazing, Rhinestones-sticking, Grinding, Tumbling, Polishing, laser, Painting, zappon painting, Sandblasting.
The industrial expansion project currently taking place brought the company to externalize some sectors, and in particular that concerning standard research, while applied research is developed within the company, by the "research and development" department.
Applied research aims at introducing new procedures, production series and technologies at the forefront and environmentally-friendly. The confirmation of their social function is making the most of human resources, creating employment, culture and creating a strong investment policy.
Were confirmed investment in a research and innovation - modernization of the operational tools and indirect investment data by the choice of agreeing on which favor the formation of human capital with the values and culture of the company which it bears.
The company continues to leverage its know-how, the exchange and comparison with customer issues allow to optimize their loyalty and it is for this reason that the company is not affected by situations of fierce competition alleged by sector.


The Galvanization firm has always preferred the procurement of material of the best quality and therefore we focus in particular to those branches for which the guarantee to obtain certified finishing’s and prestigious esthetics are an essential aspect.

The core business of our company is mainly turned to:
button factories, (custom) jewelry, hardware, stationary, buckle manufacturers, furniture, furniture articles, ready to wear, leather industry, electronics, automotive, small metallic items, taps and fittings, bolts, mechanical items, religious articles, medals and badges


Gesm S.p.a. is a "modern galvanic industry". Modern because born from the ashes of a dark and suspicion-ridden past linked to galvanic activities, and has been able in a few years retraining and redefine safety standards, quality, efficiency and guarantees. In the short time it gained a leading role on the market. Its quick and steady economic and size growth is the proof of the will and the endeavours made in these years, efforts rewarded by the trust of our prestigious and increasing clients, who rely on us for the realization of their colors collection. Experience, efficiency, innovation and competitiveness are the elements on which the company has founded its own "Industrial project".


The quality of a company consists in its ability to satisfy both the explicit and implicit customers’ needs. If a company succeeds in meeting the custom’s expectations and requirements, that means it has provided a quality product. Gesm S.p.a. is certified ISO 9001 : 2015 The quality system is a cornerstone and may be subdivided into two macro areas:

production control
through Hardware and Software that allow data and information exchange between managerial and production departments, and more precisely:

The quality of the electrolytic deposit highly depends on the properties of the galvanic bath, which needs always to be transparent and solid suspended particles free.

  • Production and shifts planning according to the working needs.
  • Real-time data collection about the progress of production, the expenditure of both material and energy and of rejects.

quality control
through personalized Software and Hardware. This succeeds thanks to:

  • Control of the productive process
  • Control of galvanic baths’ analytic values
  • Tests on manufactured goods headed by our laboratory
  • Quality management and control of materials
  • Final control of manufactured products

We reached the mark Oeko-Tex Standard 100 to apply to our finishes; this possibility to label a product with the word "Confidence in Textiles" is granted only after an effective control and analysis by accredited laboratories and institutes, guaranteeing the absence of residues and the release of substances harmful to the health of man in the raw materials used in the production process and in the finished articles.


The "culture of corporate social responsibility" is becoming increasingly popular, volunteering, respect for the environment in which it operates, the 'attention to the social context, the working conditions of employees, are just some of the aspects that are taken into consideration to create a modern and responsible business model.

Gesm S.p.a. is actively involved in the social field through the cooperation with social services and local health-care centers and Asl, as well as with volunteering associations and acting directly.

Social activity is focused on multiple projects in different areas:

  • Support for social integration,
  • Solidarity projects to no-profit private entities
  • The promotion of education, culture and training
  • Corporate sustainability through research and development and alternative projects