GESM Spa opens a new paint room, to offer even more service and added value.

Using high end and last generation painting technology, we can provide you with high solutions of quality and resistance.

Painting is the last phase of an aesthetic finishing and therefore it is important that it is carried out with mastery and expertise to maintain and enhance the value of the product besides protecting it against wear and tear and corrosion. We do liquid spray painting to obtain the results our customers require.


Spray Robot

Last generation anthropomorphic robot equipped with the best features and technology guarantee high accuracy, repeatability and reduced through-put time.


For artifacts that require utmost care and attention we offer manual treatment, carried out by our operators that turn on all their accuracy and proficiency to make sure every painted object becomes a piece of art.


Closed environment with controller pressure equipped with one or more entrances, where the application of paint is done. In order to guarantee the ideal working conditions (temperature, air flow rate, humidity etc.) the cabins are equipped with one or more groups of ventilating units made out of engines and burners to heat the emission of air.

This specific environment allows an optimization of the processing and quality without compromises.


To guarantee the best quality, resistance tests are carried out on the paint layer to assure the best product quality.

In order to obtain most accurate in the choice of shades, we use machines and equipment that control and implement the chosen shade.