The demand of our clients for high quality and state-of-the-art technology led Gesm S.p.a. to separate the production department from the research and development department: the All Bright corporation.
The All Bright corporation is a primary importance partner to our company. It takes care of the analysis, the planning and the experimentation of new baths and finishes, while it customarily carries out the quantitative and qualitative monitoring of already standardized processes.
Our great knowledge of the field and our wide experience enable us to offer the most efficient and professional technical assistance, in order to solve daily problems concerning the management of galvanic processes.
The All Bright corp. can also, on behalf of Gesm S.p.a., create new protocols, new finishes and new technologies, to improve and make the quality and the quantity of each production cycle more efficient.

The laboratory makes use of different precision instruments; the most important are:

  • Fisherscope x-ray xdl, to monitor electroplated thicknesses;
  • The PerkinElmer spectrophotometer, used for customary quantitative analysis of galvanic baths and of waters originated from purification;
  • Salt spray chamber, for corrosion proof tests of the different coating applications;
  • 5 Hull cells for electroplating, to verify the quality of the baths;
  • 4 electronic high-precision scales;
  • an electronic microscope;
  • high-sensitivity ph-metres, in both fixed and mobile units

PietraEliteĀ® is pure Italian manufactured stone veneer. In fact the aim of our manufactured stone veneer is to maintain the characteristics of natural Italian stone.

PietraEliteĀ® is made up essentially of high quality ecological materials. Each individual manufactured stone veneer is a unique piece. What at first sight might look like small imperfections are in fact realistic elements that aim to faithfully reproduce the morphological appearance of various types of rock.

One of the major advantages of manufactured stone veneer is that it can be produced in pieces with a limited thickness which can thus be laid more easily and thus more quickly.

Natural soils are added to the mix and are used with different tones to get special color effects that are unique to some cladding stones. This avoids having to use aggressive chemical dyes and this has a consequent positive impact on the duration and inalterability of the coloring itself.